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Independent Agent


    eed prices, and options quick?  Drop us a line and we'll get back with you. 


SINCE 1964


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     e are the independent insurance agency that Moberly loves! Get the right price and the right insurance company for all of your insurance needs: auto insurance, home insurance, life insurance, health insurance , farm insurance,  Commercial.





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We're Just Moberly Folks

With Quality Insurance Co's

Straight Talk about Insurance

So why should you call Valentine Insurance Agency? 

Well, it's because we are independent agents and we are not locked into one insurance company. That means we do the shopping for you among over 30 top brand name insurance companies. So, we can get the absolute best price, without you having to put your name into one of those online spamy services that will keep calling and emailing you for the next year. 

Not all Insurance Coverage is the Same

We also give you the best advice, which an online service or other agencies don't often give. Often people will get lower quotes from an online provider, but the insurance is not worth it. Insurance is supposed to protect your financial situation and cheap car insurance is insurance but it doesn't really cover you completely. Sometimes the insurance offered will not fully cover replacement cost, or have a huge deductible or not protect you from a lawsuit that could cost you your home. Not to freak you out but some will sell you auto insurance that doesn't cover you enough and leaves you open to a lawsuit that could take your home. Or home insurance that only covers the value of the home and not replacement cost. So we won't sell you a cheap policy just to get your money and trick you into thinking your safe. We spell it all out to you and make sure you understand the insurance policy without having to read all the fine print yourself. 

An Insurance Agency that works for you. 

So, bottom line. We will find you the best price for insurance that actually covers you from financial harm. We treat you like real people who understand things. We will explain things to you. We respect your time and privacy and won't waste your time with us selling you. 

Insurance in Moberly

We are local so we are here for you. We've been here in Moberly as Moberly's #1 insurance agency for over 56 years. And we are here to stay for years to come. We are a part of this community and a part of so many lives as we cover your cars, homes, farms, businesses and lives. We proudly protect the financial lives of the people of Moberly with insurance that works for you. When you call you get a real person down the street who knows you and cares about people here in Moberly.

We'd be honored to help you with your insurance needs. Auto Insurance, Home Insurance, Business Insurance, 

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